A Prayer for 2018
I Place Myself

In the Hands of my
Heavenly Father

Jesus was the first person to introduce God as Our Heavenly Father. This was a revolutionary teaching. It completely changed the concept of how we viewed God. God was not a person who was remote from his creation but a Heavenly Father who really cared about each one of us. Jesus said not one sparrow fell to the ground without God knowing about it. Jesus went even further when he said, “Even all the hairs on your head have been counted by your Heavenly Father.”

Could our Heavenly Father be so knowledgeable about each one of us that he has counted the number of hairs on our head? Humanly speaking it is impossible. We can approach our Heavenly Father with confidence knowing his understanding and care of us is complete.

So as we approach 2018, as the bird in the picture is in the palm of the hands of a human being we can also place our very lives in the hands of our Heavenly Father who knows each one of us so well.

Dear Heavenly Father,
I have
sinned against you
And done things which have not
pleased you.
I ask for you
mercy and forgiveness.
Now I place myself in the
palm of your hands
Please take
care of me
Do with me as you wish
For I know you will only do
Which is the
very best for me.
I ask this in
Jesus name

By Harbajan (servant of Jesus) 07/07/2017


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