What we give to God Is in his Safe Keeping, But What we keep for ourselves One Day We will lose it.
Baby Moses. That moment of Total surrender to God.

The story of the baby Moses is powerful and unique. It is about God being in total control even though it did not appear like God was in control. It is also story about Moses’ mother putting her complete trust in God in an impossible situation. In our own lives, there will be times when we face situations that seem impossible for us.

The Israelites were slaves in Egypt.  Pharaoh the leader of Egypt became fearful that one day the Israelites may over take the Egyptians by force. He told the Hebrew midwives when the baby was about to be delivered that they were not to let it live but throw it in the river Nile. The Hebrew midwives did not do as Pharaoh had asked them because they feared God.  They let the Hebrew baby boys live.

When Pharaoh found out that the Hebrew baby boys had been allowed to live by the midwives, he gave instructions to his soldiers to kill every Hebrew baby boy.  When Moses’ mother heard this she hid him for as long as she could but realised she could no longer do this.
She thought to herself I am going to place this baby in a basket and put it in the river Nile. I hope that someone will find him, be kind to him and let him live.  She thought to herself, this is only chance I have, and I have to take it.  Otherwise the baby is going to be killed by the soldiers. She did as she had thought.

Moses’ sister Miriam decided to follow the basket from the edge of river to see where it would go. Pharaoh’s daughter happened to be near the river and saw the basket and the baby in it. She looked at the baby and saw it was beautiful and she thought I cannot let this baby die. Miriam went over to the Pharaoh’s daughter and said to her, “I will find you a Hebrew woman who can help you look after the baby”!

She went to Moses’ mother and brought her to Pharaoh’s daughter and said to her, Here is a Hebrew woman that can look after the baby for you.” Moses was looked by after his own mother in Pharaoh’s palace. This was God’s divine intervention in a totally hopeless situation. Moses’ mother had surrendered the whole situation to God.

What we give to God. He will look after it. What we keep for ourselves, we will one day lose it. Today, whatever we are going through in our own lives we need that moment of total surrender to God When we totally place our very lives in his hands. We can also hand over our family members to God and trust him to take care of them. Moses’ mother had no idea what would happen to baby Moses’ once she had placed him in a basket in river Nile. But she put her trust in God and God took care of the baby.

Also, the courage of the women in this story is quite remarkable in that they all obeyed God and not Pharaoh who was the most powerful man at that time in Egypt. (The story of Moses as written in the Bible is found in the Old Testament in the book of Exodus).

Dear Heavenly Father
I lay my life at your feet,
Teach me to obey you.
Please make me into the person you want me to be.
Please take care of me.
I also give you members of my family,
Please take care of them.
I ask this in Jesus name.

By Harbajan (servant of Jesus) 04/12/2017


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