Jesus made it easier For us to understand God. Jesus called God

Jesus made it much easier for us to understand God. Jesus said, God is our Heavenly Father. God as a Heavenly Father was easily accessible and we could approach him and talk to him.

This was quite a revolutionary teaching as it completely changed the concept of how we thought about God. He was not a distant God but a God who was just a call away.

Jesus told a story which demonstrated the love and the character of our Heavenly Father.

A father had two sons. The younger son asked his father for his share of the inheritance and the Father gave it to him.  The younger son took his money and went to a distant country where he squandered his money on reckless living. He thought to himself, I will live for the here and now. So he spent his money on alcohol, drugs and prostitution.

When he had no money left. His so called friends also left him. He was now lonely, hungry and desperate.  He was so desperate for food to eat that he found himself a job feeding the pigs. He was so hungry that he ate the pig’s food.

The younger son in his desperation said to himself. I will go back to my father and say, Father I have sinned, Please receive me as one of your hired servants. I am not worthy to be called your son.
The son makes his journey back to his father. He does not know if he will be accepted.  When he is still a distance away his father saw him. He felt compassion in his heart for him. His father had been looking out for him every day since he had gone.

His father saw him coming home.  The father ran towards his son and embraced him. The son said, Father I have sinned.” But the father said to his servants,“Quick! Bring the best robe and put it on him. Put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet. Bring the fattened calf and kill it. Let’s have a feast and celebrate. My son is back home!

This is an amazing story of a Heavenly Father who does not waste any time in welcoming his son back home.  The Father’s reaction is quite amazing. He wants to dress his son in the best clothing possible. He is not concerned about where the son had been or what he had done.
Jesus taught us our Heavenly Father is forgiving and approachable. Our Heavenly Father does not hesitate to forgive us when we approach him for forgiveness. God is Love indeed! (The story of the Prodigal son is found in the Bible Luke Chapter 15).

Dear Heavenly Father
I have sinned
I come to you
Please receive me with your love and mercy.
Please grant me your forgiveness.

By Harbajan (servant of Jesus) 29/05/2018


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