The birth of Jesus showed God is powerful And is in total control of the events of our
World Today.

Mary was engaged to be married to a man named Joseph. The angel Gabriel visited her and said, “Fear not I have come to you with great news. You have been highly favoured by God. You will have a son!” Mary was surprised by this news. She asked, “How is this possible I am not married?” The angel Gabriel replied, “The Holy Spirit will descend upon you. For the baby to be born will be called Jesus. He is the son of the Most High God. He will save his people from their sins.” “May it be as you have said,”Mary replied.

Mary accepted the will of God in her life and did not doubt God. She trusted God completely even when she was uncertain how things would workout with Joseph to whom she was engaged to be married. When Joseph found out that Mary was pregnant he decided secretly to call off the engagement but an angel of God appeared to him in a dream and said to him,“ Joseph, Joseph, do not to call off the engagement as the child Mary is having will be born by the power of the Holy Spirit.” So Joseph married Mary. When the time came for Jesus to be born. Mary and Joseph could not find a place where Jesus could be born. Eventually they found a barn with a stable. Jesus the son of the Most High God was born in a stable. This was a virgin birth and it was God appearing as a baby. God had identified with our vulnerability. As a baby he had to be fed, washed and dressed.

When King Herod found out that Jesus had been born. He felt very threatened that another King was being talked about. He instructed for all the baby boys to be killed in Jerusalem. Joseph and Mary had been instructed in a dream to leave Bethlehem and flee to Egypt. Joseph, Mary and Jesus were now refugees and had to flee persecution but God was in total control. The lives of Joseph and Mary were dramatically changed. God controlled each event in the life of Mary and Joseph. Both were single and engaged but then there was the intervention of God in their lives. Mary and Joseph trusted God to take care of them and He did. There are times in our own lives when things change dramatically.

There are times when God has to shake us up to draw us near to him and achieve his will in our own lives. Mary and Joseph had both surrendered their lives to God and were ready to do whatever God wanted them to do. The best thing you can do this Christmas is to surrender your life to God and be ready to serve him just as Mary and Joseph were. This will please God. God is in control of our world today just as he was in control of the lives of Mary, Joseph and Jesus. God is also in control of your life regardless of your circumstances but you do have to surrender your life to Him! (The story of the birth of Jesus is found Luke Chapter1 in the Bible).


Heavenly Father,
I surrender my life to you.
Let only your will be done
In my life.
Please be in control of my life.
I ask this in Jesus name.

By Harbajan (servant of Jesus) 26/11/2018


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