Step into 2019 With Your Hand In God’s Hand And Without Fear.

Abraham and Sarah were very old andthey had no children. When Sarah were told by an angel of God she was pregnant. She did not believe him and thought, “How could I be pregnant? I am too old.” Sarah did not appreciate the fact that what is impossible with man is possible with God. Abraham was hundred years old when Isaac was born. When Isaac was older. God said to Abraham. I want you to take your only son Isaac whom you love very much and offer him as a sacrifice to me. This was a real test for Abraham. Abraham was considered a man of faith but what must have gone through his mind? Could it have been that we waited so long for this son and now God wants to take him back? Since the creation of the world God had been against human sacrifices.

Abraham faced this morale dilemma. What was he going to do, listen to God and give up his only son Isaac whom he loved very much? Abraham listened to God. Abraham had this incredible faith. He believed God would raise Isaac from the dead. Abraham saddled his donkeys and took Issac with him and his servants to the place where Isaac would be offered as a sacrifice. Abraham completely trusted God and Issac completely trusted his dad Abraham. As they came near the place of the sacrifice. Abraham said to his servants, you remain behind while we go and make an offering to God.

As Abraham prepared the wood for the sacrifice. Isaac asked, “Dad where is the lamb to be sacrificed?” Abraham replied, “My son God will provide.” At the point of the sacrifice, Abraham got hold of Isaac and laid him on the wood and was about to kill him when a voice from heaven called out and said, “Do not touch the boy!” Now I know you love me and are prepared to put me first in your life. We too can just like Abraham put our trust in God this year. No doubt there will be difficult times ahead butAbraham has shown us that God can be trusted in difficult times. God has 2019 in his hands, so put your hand in his hand and walk with him. (The story of Abraham, Sarah and Isaac is found in the Book of Genesis in the Bible).


Lord Jesus
Heavenly Father,
I place my life in your hands
I place my future in your hands
I place family in your hands
I place my friends in your hands
Please take care of us all
So you can take over.

By Harbajan (servant of Jesus) 21/01/2019


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