My one aim In life is to know Jesus personally. St. Paul.

St Paul sat in prison in Rome knowing that his death was imminent. He knew he would be executed. He did not fear death he said for him to live was Jesus: death would be mean he would be with in the presence of Jesus.

His mind went back to that day on the road to Damascus when his life completely changed. He had stood watching a mob stone Stephen to death. Saul (later became known as Paul) was against all followers of Jesus. He had agreed with the actions of the mob. He had many followers of Jesus put into prison and he gave his vote for them to be put to death.

He got orders from the High Priest to go to Damascus and arrest the followers of Jesus there. On the road to Damascus, he was struck by a light. He was knocked off his horse. A voice said, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” “Who are you Lord?” Saul asked. The voice replied, “I am Jesus whom you persecute.”

Saul was blinded by the light and had to be put on his horse by his soldiers. After three days the Lord told a man named Ananias to go and restore Saul’s eye sight. Ananias was reluctant and replied, “Lord this man is too dangerous. He is responsible for the death of many of your saints.” The Lord replied, “He is my chosen instrument to take my message of love and forgiveness to gentiles”

Ananias went and to Saul and said, “Brother the Lord has sent me.” He touched Saul’s eyes and immediately his eye sight was restored. From that moment Saul became known as Paul. His life was completely changed. He became known as a follower of Jesus.

Why did God choose Saul?  A question that has always been asked by theologians over the years.  Saul was the worst of the worst. So that God’s love could be demonstrated.  Paul completely understood the term grace perhaps more than anyone has ever done. He knew that he could not make himself right with God. His sins were too bad. He knew no matter how much good he did in this life. He could not balance the scales of good and bad.
Paul completely understood the term justified by faith.  He accepted that Jesus died for sinners.

So what about you and me. We may feel we cannot come to God because we have done so much wrong. But the great news is God will use the worst of the worst to demonstrate his power and love. Come to Jesus and ask for forgiveness. Believe Jesus died in your place. (The story of St Paul  is found in the Bible in the Book of Acts Chapter 8.)

Lord Jesus
I want to know you personally
Thank you for your grace,
You died in my place.
I am put right with God by my faith in you.
Please forgive all my sins.

By Harbajan (servant of Jesus) 19/09/2019


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