A Prayer for 2020.
Jesus is in control Of the future.

We all face a lot of uncertainty as we enter in 2020. Who can I trust is perhaps the biggest question of all? Who knows my future? Who can provide for me when things are tough?  Who can I trust to look after me? This story may help you to make your decision as to who you should trust with your future?    

Peter and his friends arrived back at the shore. They had been fishing all night but had caught nothing. Peter angrily said to the others, “If we have any more night like tonight we will not have enough food to feed our families.” Jesus had been preaching nearby to the crowds.

He came to Peter and said, “Take the boat out to the sea again!
Peter angrily replied, “Master we have fished all night and caught nothing. Anyway it is impossible to catch fish in the day time. But we will do as you say.”

They went out again. They threw the nets where Jesus had instructed them to do. They could not believe it! The nets were filled with the fish to the point they were about to break. Peter called all the other fisherman nearby to help them as such was the catch of fish.
Peter saw what had happened he went before Jesus and said, “Lord I am a sinful man.  Please go away.”  Jesus said to Peter and his friends, “Follow me”. They left everything and follow Jesus.

Humanly speaking Peter and his friends had given up. Their own efforts had come to nothing. It is the same with us. We try very hard but often we despair and give up.  Just like Peter and his friends we need the power of Jesus to come into our lives and change our circumstances. Jesus alone knows your future and my future. Jesus can be trusted to look after what we give to him. (The story of the catching of the fish in found in the Bible Luke chapter 5).

Dear Jesus
I place my life at your feet
Do with me as it pleases you.
Please take care of my family and friends.
I entrust them to your care.

By Harbajan (servant of Jesus) 26/11/2019


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