“Lord we are drowning Don’t you care?”

Jesus had been preaching and healing people. He was very tired. Jesus said to his disciples let’s go to the other side of the lake.  They all got into the boat. Jesus fell asleep in the corner of the boat with his head on a cushion.

A furious storm arose and the boat was being fiercely pushed by the waves. The disciples became very fearful and thought they were going to drown!

Jesus was still asleep in the corner of the boat. He was not disturbed by the waves but the disciples came to him in their fear and said, “Master how can you sleep, we are about to drown. Don’t you care?” Jesus stood up and said to the storm, “Be quiet”.

At once the storm was still and calm. The disciples were amazed and bowed down before Jesus and said to him, “Even the winds and sea obey you!” Jesus said to them “Why did you doubt my ability to look after you?”

This story has been written during the time of the Covid 19. We have felt like the disciples of Jesus and cried out, “Save us Lord we are about to drown!”

The disciples did not believe that Jesus could take care of them even though he was asleep in the boat. To them it appeared Jesus did not care!  Their anxiety and fear was very real. At times our anxiety and fear has also been real during the last several weeks. Covid 19 has thrown our world into a turmoil.

The situation has been out of our control but not out the control of Jesus. Jesus allowed the storm. The disciples in their fear panicked. God will often allow storms to take place in our lives and the world in which we live.

This is the challenge - Are we willing to trust in Jesus to look after us even when the events in our lives and in our world are out of our control?  We can also run to Jesus in our fear! Jesus will hear us and answer our prayers. (The story of Jesus calming the storm is found in Luke Chapter 8:22-25).

Dear Jesus,
I put my life in your hands
You are my refuge
My trust is in you.
I am not in control
But you are.
Please calm storms in my lifeo
And in our world.

By Harbajan (servant of Jesus) 11/05/2020


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