1. A prayer to give oneself to God

2. The Heart of God

3. God is Love

4. Jesus invites you to share a meal with him

5. Let me be Jesus to you

6. Total Surrender

7. The greatest love story ever told...

8. God became a man

9. The Forgotten Ten Commandments

10. I place my hands in the hands of Jesus

11. Jesus is the organic bread of life!

12. A Prayer of Thanks to God

13. A prayer for those who feel alone or deserted

14. Called to be a living sacrifice

15. The journey back to God begins...

16. The sheer mercy of God

17. Where are you God?

18. My prayer is simply ‘I place myself in Jesus’ care’

19. Unconditional love

20. God is passionately in love with you...

21. Dear Lord, I need a special friend (Male Version)

22. Dear Lord, I need a special friend (Female Version)

23. God is good

24. Shattered dreams

25. Jesus Jesus Jesus

26. Jesus may visit us...disguised as a stranger

27. Faith

28. Jesus appears to Sundar Singh

29. Psalm 23

30. I hand over the control of my life to Jesus

31. I promise to honour Jesus above everything else in my life

32. The return home of the prodigal son.

33. God is the Perfect Parent. The Lord's Pray.

34. A Life Consecrated to God.

35. I Belong to God.

36. Are you stressed out by the worries of this life?

37. Grace, Grace and More Grace. St Paul.

38. There is nothing that can separate us from the Love of God.

39. Total Submission to the will of God.

40. Dear God.

41. The Story of Hope. Rahab the Prostitute

42. A Prayer for Healing

43. God is love

44. Jesus is the Light of the World

45. I Heard the Voice of Jesus Saying, I am the Good Shepherd, Follow Me, And I will Make All Things New

46. Jesus Has Arrived!

47. Peace on Earth

48. Total Security at the Feet of God

49. Alignment with God

50. Amazing Grace (how sweet the sound) That Saved a Wretch Like Me!

51. Disappointed with Life?

52. Why don't you talk to me God?

53. In the beginning God

54. God is Unseen

55. I Place Myself in the Potters Hands

56. The God Who Restores Broken Dreams

57. The Amazing Forgiveness of Jesus

58. God is Light; in Him there is no Darkness At All

59. God Looks Beyond Our Sin

60. Those who Trust in God will not be disappointed

61. Moses a friend of God

62. God is pleased with the man

63. A Sacrifice Pleasing to God

64. The door to heaven has been opened

65. A Beautiful Act of True Repentance And Worship

66. Entering into the presence of a Holy God

67. I Want to Follow Jesus.

68. Lord who is my neighbour?

69. St Paul

70. The story of the Rich man

71. The Blazing Furnace

72. Who do you turn to when life hurts?

73. I lay my life at the Altar.

74. Embrace the teachings of Jesus.

75. Jesus gave up his position as God and came to Earth as a Baby

76. Jesus said I was Hungry

77. God’s Divine Purposes Are Being Worked Out In The Midst of Life’s Chaos

78. Let me be a Sacrifice Pleasing to You

79. Elijah Said

80. I give myself to the name of Jesus

81. To share with others is a risk worth taking

82. A message for today, THE FIRST COMMANDMENT

83. The little boy who gave Jesus his all.

84. Unconditional Love.

85. Psalm 15.

86. Where would you find God?

87. A Prayer for 2016

88. The moment Jesus called Peter the fisherman To follow him

89. God is our loving Father in a world of Broken Dreams.

90. The Ultimate Sacrifice.

91. Jesus a Friend of Sinners.

92. Courage and True Faith in God In the midst of Crisis.

93. Lord Save Me.

94. St Paul.

95. God is Love.

96. Jonah.

97. The Rich Fool.

98. Jesus or the world.

99. A Prayer for 2017.

100. Pin Downed.

101. Samson.

102. The Criminal on the Cross.

103. He Who Honours Me.

104. Saint Paul I have no confidence in the flesh.

105. Let God weigh me on the scales of Justice.

106. Two men went to the temple.

107. Before you were born.

108. Please Lord give me another chance.

109. Who are you Lord.

110. Jesus a man of sorrows.

111. Jesus says, what can I do for you.

112. Prayer for 2018.

113. I honour you.

114. Jesus and Zacchaeus

115. What we give to God is in his safe giving

116. I put my hand in the hand

117. God's Altar

118. The Welcome of our Heavenly Father

119. The Storm

120. Dear Holy Spirit

121. I want to follow Jesus

122. The birth of Jesus showed God is powerful

123. The ultimate sacrifice

124. Meeting God in the Wilderness

125. Surrender

126. Psalm 51

127. Daniel in a foriegn land

128. Jesus said, your heavenly father is perfect

129. St. Paul in Prison

130. Prayer for 2020

131. Put our trust in God in our darkest moments.

132. Peter Stepped out of the boat.

133. Namaan the Leper.

134. Save us Lord.

Prayers to God

A prayer is simply coming into the presence of God and talking to him. We come to him as we are with all our sins and faults. Prayer is like a son / daughter talking to a very loving father. The loving father is God. God is always prepared to listen to us. Prayer is simply a journey with God. It begins at the point you pray to him and ask for his help in your life.

He leads and you follow him. The simplest form of prayer is a cry from the heart which shouts out aloud, "Please help me God". God always answers to a cry which is from the heart.

A prayer can also help us in attaining God's guidance in the most difficult phases of our life. This is when we are not sure of which direction our lives should take? Also, sometimes in our lives we lose faith in God and begin to assume that God doesn't listen to our prayers. We might feel that no matter how many prayers we say, we are not able to get through to him or we might feel that God does not care about us and therefore he does not answer our prayers. We might also ask ourselves the question what is the right way to pray to God. One thing is for sure that we must always approach God with total reverence in our hearts for him.

At www.godislove.me.uk we have answers to some of these questions. We offer you prayers written by Harbajan relating to everyday experiences. When reading these prayers you can begin to have a peace of mind and begin to build a relationship with God. More importantly, you can know that God Loves You and that God Cares for You. This alone will give you so much hope for the future. These prayers also bring a blessing and hope to those who read them.


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